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Does the monkey have a name?

You bet! His name is Jetter.

Here’s a little bit about him… Office Ninja / Chief Troublemaker

Jetter is the face of the company and our fun loving office manager. When not in the office, he is usually Jet-Setting from coast to coast. You may even catch a glimpse of him Monkeying Around on Facebook and Instagram.

But let’s get back to business…

Jetter is an extraordinary Monkey, with a desire to try everything (kind of a Monkey see Monkey do approach). He is great at social communication and really knows how to play well with others (meaning he won’t drive you bananas…at least most of the time)!

Jetter also takes a unique view on things, which enables him to guide his team (across the monkey bars) with confidence and courage. And lastly, he shows excellent leadership with his team utilizing his passion, confidence and his clever sense of humor (like when he tells jokes…Why do monkeys love bananas? Because they have a peel!).

Updated on September 14, 2022

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